Get A Scrip For Life at Distilled

It’s difficult to know what’s good for you these days.

In times gone past the medicine man would sing his song, hawk his vials of thickened piss to everyone in the town and within a few weeks the problem would be solved because no one would be alive to experience mortal fear or deal with the admin involved in cleaning up all the corpses.

But now there are medicine men everywhere and although we have many who aren’t hawking piss-vials, the ones who still are seem to be the ones in possession of the loudest, most abrasive lutes.

It’s difficult to know what’s good for you because in 2020…is life really preferable to death?

Would laying down the arms of polite resistance in the form of scientifically backed research and downing that piss-vial not be a hell of a relief?

Sure it would.

But so often in the palaver of 2020’s rationality versus rationality debate, we forget the one relieving constant that has faithfully remained in the hilt of humanity since time immemorial. The grand unifier. The death-putter-offer. Alcohol.

And there’s no more delicious way to imbibe it than at Distilled.

Distilled is an evening unlike any other filled with delicious canap├ęs, entertainment, a cocktail on arrival from Forty Spotted and tastings from some of the biggest names in gin including Adelaide Hills, Archie Rose, Brookies, Four Pillars, Hendricks, Ink Gin, Manly Spirits, Roku, Tanqueray, Squealing Pig and many more.

Death is coming. But you don’t have to surrender to it immediately. Fans of Doctor Oz to whom you’re related are also coming. But you don’t have to weather their ejaculations without a liquid umbrella.

Pull up a chair next to Death and stare benignly at the raving lunatic to whom your related as the cocktail deafness takes effect.

Gin knows what’s good for you.

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