Gas Masks and Cage Dancing at The Petting Zoo

It’s a whole new world.

A wondrous place filled with baby-choking, grandma-killing smog, floating charred and petrified gum leaves and a horizon the colour of a blood clot in the lung of a cancer patient.

A wonderful time to realise that although we may afford ourselves the label of freedom as members of a first-world country with a government that even if it were to to try to erect some kind of autocratic rule, it would be too lazy and noncommittal to follow through with it, we’re, above all else, trapped victims of an entirely apolitical, faction-less phenomenon.

What better way is there to accept our grim fate with customary human aplomb than getting trashed at The Petting Zoo?

“Welcome to the zoo, a music & arts event for animals of all sizes! Petting Zoo style decor will be scattered around the enclosure so you can explore and discover throughout the day. Roving performers and magicians will keep you entertained. Be ready to experience a level of interactive production that you have not seen before! Artists have been booked to deliver constant aural pleasure through finely tuned pa’s.

Featuring: Franky Rizardo, Weiss, Route 94, Tube & Berger, Amine Edge & Dance, Solee, Mat.Joe, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Jordan Brando, Noizu, The Journey, Brian Fantana, Luke Vecchio, Handsdown & Leighboy, Laura King, Bec Grenfell, Francesco Castelli, Madalaine, Chriss Matto, Matteo Freyrie, Etwas, Andrea Guadalupi, Amaddin, Trentoff, Dean Turnley, Metwally and Elliott Creed.”

We have, at best, about fifty years left to roll around in our own filth before the slaughterman comes.

Might as well crank up the EDM.

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