Forget at Spilt Milk Festival

The world is on fire.

We already know how in the figurative sense.

And there have been far too many laments disseminated by those both generally unaffected by it and unwilling to do anything more than be vaguely angered by it, for us to have anything new to say on the matter.

Rather, we are referring to the fact that, just like Christmas (as Coles keeps insisting), bushfire season has come early this year. And it’s just as violently red, consumptive and lethal.

The starkness of the realisation that occurs when figuration meets reality is something than can be salved by very few things.

Drugs, alcohol, sex and rave music are all individually helpful.

But together they’ll blast a forget-me hole in your consciousness that’ll suck into oblivion any fearful ruminations on the increasing fragility of a species being crushed by the consequences of its own corruption.

And there’s no better place to experience that hole-punching quadfecta than the Spilt Milk Festival.

Spilt Milk is a summer music festival, taking place within the tree-lined landscape of Victoria Park in Ballarat.

This year’s lineup features the likes of Khalid and Chvrches, and will also feature sets by Juice WRLD, Golden Features, Tones & I, Dune Rats, Ocean Alley, G Flip, Illy, Allday and plenty more.

So breathe deep, tell yourself that your hacking cough is due to flower pollen not smoke, and get ready for your $300 non-invasive lobotomy.

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