Forest Fever: Get Pissed, Get Informed.

Melbourne is defined by the niche and the unexpected. Forest Fever rests in the nexus of the two whilst still allowing a certain amount of comfort in the hot beats and infectious rhythms of a standard semi-nostalgic nightclub atmosphere. That’s right. Disco and techno being used for good. Who would’ve thought? Forest Fever is nothing less than conscience-sandblasting contemporary salvation with little to no effort. At the end of April Northcote’s 24 Moons will host a night of environmentally-conscious partying; a night featuring the talents of John Baptiste & Samwise, Le’bruh, Tom Vance, Dan Betley and Lady Soup & Peekaboo wherein all those who attend will be supporting The Wilderness Society whilst grooving to the pounding bass of a sound system that is hopefully juiced-up with renewable energy and circus acts that may or may not use non-carcinogenic hair products!

Come on down and kick it, you crazy climate conscious cats! Drink specials before 11pm!

(If you nix the aerosol deodorant).

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