Firelight Festival: There’s Another Use For Your Lighter (Who Knew?)

The winter solstice means we’re the farthest away from the sun.

Seems like a brilliant time to revel your deepest desires, doesn’t it? And it just so happens that pyromania is high on everyone’s list.

ATTENTION: Relax, the Australian version of the NSA. This is sanctioned by the local government.

Enter the Firelight Festival.

Featuring over 40 free performances a night, from all corners of the globe – from Bollywood dancers to a Mariachi band, and almost everything in between – you’ll be able to indulge in some delicious, smoky, warm fare from some of your favourites, including Limp Briskit, The Soup Factory and Frencheese.

So, eat, drink, and massage that profligate part of yourself that would really rather not acknowledge the fact that you have children.

Light up your night as Docklands is taken over by fire. Flame jets, fire drums and nightly fireworks are sure to keep you warm.

But pay attention.

Because the fact that you still have children is sure to keep you cold at night.

…And if the Australian version of the NSA is watching: we’re not really into that. A friend told us about it.

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