Find Stability with Electric Enemy

So few things are for certain these days. Job security, an abusive nuclear family unit and Russia annihilating the world in one fell swoop as opposed to an agonising decades-long clown show serenaded by Kid Rock are just a few of the many comforts which we are no longer guaranteed.

Standing on the precipice of a brave new world is less like the dramatic poetic images of jacked youth with their fists raised in righteous anger and more sticky-taping a piece of cardboard over your computer’s webcam so some Russian kid doesn’t record you sweatily enjoying the sometimes blurry adventures of a frisky octopus.

So much uncertainty for such an extended period of time can be destabilising to your very sense of self. It’s important to appreciate the things that will always remain constant, no matter their inherent value or lack thereof.

Things like generic indie pop bands.

Well, good news, 4-piece from London band, Electric Enemy, are setting off on their first-ever Virtual World Tour! This tour follows the release of their single ‘Heartache Melody’, which is already making waves throughout speakers all over the world!

The world is drowning in a soup of its own chaos and it’s impossible to know what fresh, confusing horror will float to the surface tomorrow.

But the existence of four shoe-gazing twenty-something guys strumming about heartache?

That’ll never change.

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