FFS. It’s Over. It’s All Over.

What better way to end the week than with the end of all things?

Give a warm-hearted hat-tip to the annual international Film Festival in Sydney as the Vivid lights are snuffed. Because no one should see you in that ridiculous bloody hat.

Sydney Film Festival takes a final bow with drinks and a gala this week; one of classiest nights you will ever spend at a theatrical event that has repeatedly screened battling cyborg warriors and rectal probing.

Alongside it, the giant thumb and forefinger of the powers that be will be pinching out the lit wick of Vivid. This is your last chance.

Come on, kids.

What other time of year will you get to experience a light show of this magnitude without having to fork out cash to some guy in greying underpants doing a bad Huggy Bear impression?

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