Feeling Guilty? Come Down To Aussie Street!

They’ve named it with a historically pejorative term.

So you know it’s authentic.

The term ‘street’ should inspire disdain amongst the middle and upper classes of Australian society.

But this is 2019.

So the middle to upper echelons of society want to seem as though they identify with whatever they deem ‘the street’ to be.

Welcome, all those that can afford it, to ‘Aussie Street’.

With both local and international competitions, exhibitions, artist-talks and workshops, Aussie Street will bring Australian street photography to the world’s stage by connecting local and international street photography communities.

The festival will mark Aussie Street’s place among the growing global calendar of events that celebrate and promote street photography.

We’ve perhaps been overly critical.

The socioeconomically maligned will, of course, be welcomed.

As long as they’re willing to shut up and look pensively into the middle distance.

The perfect light is waning.



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