Fade into the Background with Tim Burgess

Disdain for youth is a birthright of every generation.

It’s the assurance that once we are squeezed out of the zeitgeist, we’ll be afforded a kind of dignity that will enable us to face our own mortality with arrogance as opposed to impotent fear.

But we’re living in a time in which a confluence of human catastrophe and human achievement means that the rules we all agreed upon are not being followed. The older and accomplished are regaining a youthful audience and the young are somehow getting to experience a disdain for their own youth culture through a fetish for 60s and 70s cultural nostalgia to which they should not have access.

This is a big problem for those of us who have just graduated to that age when we would traditionally be allowed to experience disdain for youth culture, and have no ability to earn their respect or appreciation via our own talents.

We are the middle child living in a society in which the middle child trope is so played out that it’s no longer acceptable to garner sympathy for it.

So we’ve only one option left. Fall into the confusing cultural soup and hope we come out covered in something that allows us to quietly conform.

Something like Tim Burgess.

Tim Burgess will deliver an exclusive set from his home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. Tim has toured the world as frontman of The Charlatans, who have performed at the Hall twice, including an emotional tribute concert for their late drummer Jon Brookes in 2013. He releases his fifth solo album, I Love The New Sky, in May 2020 on Bella Union.

A British, indie, recently sober, alt-rock father of one.

A perfectly acceptable glob of sweet potato puree with which to slather yourself.



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