Externalise Your Focus with An Evening With Billy Collins

It’s the little things that get you down. And the big things. Really all the things.

It’s an uneasy state of mind when you discover you feel exactly the same amount of anger, confusion and hurt about your mother dying as you do about that c**t on the bicycle who clipped you and screamed at you to learn how to walk.

It’s uneasy because the ultimate conclusion is that we’re all incredibly fragile, woundable narcissists who are only aware of the world inasmuch as it directly relates to us. If there’s one grain of solace to be found in this realisation, it’s that there exists a whole species of human, the profound narcissism of which cannot be rivalled by any other form of human. The poet. And one of them is doing a live show this week.

Yes, enjoy an evening of wit and wisdom with Billy Collins, the former two-term U.S. Poet Laureate whose work has made him an international literary giant — and whose bestselling books and live presentations have cemented his place as the world’s most-beloved contemporary poet. Billy will discuss and read selections from Whale Day (Random House), an eagerly anticipated new collection. He’ll also take live email questions.

Look, you’ll probably be thinking about that spandex-swaddled a***hole on wheels until the day you die. And that’s something that can’t be rectified.

But perhaps, for an hour this week, you’ll be reminded that at least you don’t believe any form of written word that spews out of your brain could possibly be worth anyone’s time. And that internalised self-hatred is vital for balancing out those few, heady moments when you think you like yourself.



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