Exorcism feat. No One That Will Threaten Your Basic Freedoms

We’re not the biggest fans of religion.

But we are of depravity.

Seems inherently paradoxical right? There’s no depravity like repressed religious depravity.

However, that’s simply not our jam. Mostly because we often like to involve jam in our depravity and those post-church biscuits never seem to contain any.

Enter Exorcism. A night of dance, expression and art to repurpose the inherent sick shame of religion into something creative “to invent new horizons of being“.

And this time devotional experience will not result in the demonisation of intellect, the institutionalised death of millions of people and the still-prevalent torture of millions of children.

Well, we say that.

We can’t say that people won’t be wearing Nike, H&M, The Gap or Victoria’s Secret.

We also cannot promise they won’t be consuming Nestle products.

Morality these days…

Swings and roundabouts.



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