Entombed In The Past? Experience Nothing But The Present.

It’s 2019 and everything has been violated.

Love, hate, beauty, food, network television…

Nothing is sacred.

…Except pretence.

It’s the only thing we, collectively, have left.

And there’s nothing more pretentious than an experimental piece of art involving music, dance and projected images.

Enter: Nothing But The Present.

Three multi-faceted artists and their colleagues will negotiate new ways of sacred self-expression in the three mysterious and resonant chambers of Building 20, a decommissioned military ammunition store. This journey of music, dance and images begins in Chamber 1 with the mellow tones and driving rhythms of the bass marimba — the ‘doyenne of percussion’.

Chamber 2 will host the world première of Triglav. The work takes its inspiration from Slavic mythology to create a journey via movement, haunting Bulgarian harmonies, electronic sound and photographic images.

Chamber 3 will host a climactic finale, with The Fantastic Terrific Munkle led by Sam Golding (brass) with Martin Kay (clarinet), Julian Curwin (guitar and banjo) and Danny Heifetz(drums). Their other-worldly music ranges from swinging romps and dirty tangos to delicate waltzes.

We can no longer find emotional, primal truth in anything.

Frankly, truth in emotions or primal instinct is inherently contradictory.

But if marimbas, haunting Bulgarian harmonies and dirty tangos can’t salve your emotional black hole, you have no business being alive in the 21st Century.



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