Endure at Gin Palooza

It’s a difficult time to be alive.

It’s not, of course, the most unpleasant.

We are living on the constant brink of potential life-annihilating war stemming from increasing isolationism, right-wing nationalism and warhead proliferation. The next 80s icon that’s revealed to be a prolific paedophile is likely to be the harbinger of some kind of worldwide civil uprising, at which point, machine learning will level-up its targeted marketing capabilities and Lil Miquela will start plugging dark web weaponry in Calvin Klein fatigues.

But, you know, we still have plumbing, air-conditioning and John Oliver.

Speaking of the delights of the British, there is something than can be said for their ability to endure hell. Victorian Era England is infamous for its grimy desperation, a hellmouth from which only the insanely wealthy were spared. And there is one thing that we can take from that dark period that may help us survive this one. Not strength of character, familial togetherness or friendship. Gin.

And there’s no better place to stock up on the water of life than Gin Palooza.

The Sydney Gin Palooza is a festival of over 200 Australian & NZ quality Craft Gins, delicious grazing boards, tapas and Schibello Coffee underneath the heritage trusses of the Grand Paddington Town Hall.

Choose from over 200 Craft Gins to taste (responsibly) accompanied with fresh botanicals & StrangeLove Premium Tonic. Mingle & ‘Meet The Gin-Makers’ & chat about how they make their Gin & learn how it’s best served. To add to your GINtastic experience you can buy direct from the distillers on the day…take home a bottle or two.

Or five or six.

This is indeed a disturbing universe.

But if history has taught us anything, it’s that at least when you’re pissed, you don’t notice the rats gnawing your foot off.



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