Embrace Your Inferiority with Joe Bonamassa

There’s no universal age at which you discover the true limits of your potential, but, whether you recognise it on a conscious level or not, it tends to signal its manifestation around the time you dedicate a large portion of your time to an easily achievable pastime.

For those around you, if they’re lucky, it’ll be something that largely focuses its destruction upon you, like alcohol, heroin or self-mutilation, but it does also manifest in more outwardly destructive things like yoga, homemade jewellery or an obsession with Delia Smith which requires endless muslin bag-based conversations to maintain the high.

These addictions are coping mechanisms to deal with the fact that the necessary fiction of your limitless potential you were fed when you were young and your eventual participation in the economy was vital, is just that, a fiction.

But there are those for which the fiction was not a fiction. And it’s important to acknowledge that they, too, exist, lest you start equating your homemade bitter marmalade with actual achievement.

Humble yourself with Joe Bonamassa.

Guitar legend Joe Bonamassa will deliver an exclusive set from his home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. The celebrated blues-rock guitarist and singer-songwriter first played the Hall on a special night in 2009 – a night which saw him play with his idol Eric Clapton. Regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of his generation, Joe has released more than 40 albums on his own label, J&R Adventures. He will be performing a special lockdown set for his fans.

Bitter marmalade was disgusting when it was first invented, it will always be disgusting and you wasted a kilo of perfectly serviceable oranges.

At least the people hawking their Tiny Teddy Earrings don’t ram them down your throat. Though that might make them a lot more interesting.



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