Embrace Everything at Ultra Australia

Respect, we’re often told by people who received free education and subsequently crashed the economy, is hard to come by these days. Especially from the avocado-eating young hipsters viewable from within a small city mansion currently worth millions of dollars that was bought for a ha’penny, a kiss and to spare the neighbourhood from those scheming immigrants.

But despite what gets yelled from the depths of the floppy throats of old money, respect, these days, is rampant. It could be because there are so many more avenues through which to reach the audience that will respect your product, whether it be your ingenious technological innovation, your brilliant piece of art or your ability to butt-chug a litre of Russian moonshine.

It could also be because the youth of 2020’s consumption of fruit and beard oil inspires a calmer, more open attitude than charred meat and isolationist nationalism.

Unfortunately, this abundance of respect also results in acceptance of a number of things that arguably require further review.

Enter: Ultra Australia.

One of the most respected brands in dance music, Ultra is a two-day two-city festival featuring lineups of the biggest DJs and producers all over the world.

Combining immersive stage production and pyrotechnics with top of the line sound systems, the festival is all about getting swept up in the moment and letting go of all your inhibitions.

This year’s lineup features DJ Snak, Eric Prydz, Zedd, Afro Jack, The Return of Dash Berlin, Markus Shulz, Gammer, Tigerlily, Cirez D, Luciano, Eats Everything, Deborah De Luca, Umek, Wild Fox, Parker, Dee Bee, Market Memories, The Journey, Brooke Powell, Handsdown and Leighboy.

It’s 2020 and you’re more free than ever to be who you are. Whomever that is you are. No matter how much MDMA it takes to be around you.



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