El Camino Cantina Bowen Hills Launch Party. ¡Arriba, arriba!

It’s something you’re easily able to pronounce as an English-speaking person.

Speedy Gonzales feat. El Camino Cantina.

You don’t have to know what it means.

So the pressure’s off.

Because this is essentially a business venture from an expanding restaurant and they need you to find joy in the mis-pronunciation of Spanish.

Yes, El Camino Cantina is launching in Queensland and their opening night will feature 2 hours of margaritas, beer, wine, bubbles, a chips & salsa station and Tex-Mex, free sombreros, a Mariachi Band, a photo booth, a Chilli Competition, and a DJ till late to keep the vibes going.

There’s no need to educate yourself further on the culture.

It’s pretty much the same as every other restaurant you frequent.

Which is to say, Western cuisine is absolute bollocks.

But El Camino Cantina clearly knows your limits, as they feature ‘Tex-Mex’.

Something with all the exoticism of another culture, but, you know, with a ton of cheese, barbecue sauce and grease dumped all over it.

 ¡Ándale, ándale!



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