Drown Out the Screaming with Sophie B. Hawkins Live from Quarantine

To say that we live in troubled times would be redundant.

We’ve said it repeatedly in multiple forms and we’re not proud of the many ways in which we’ve abused the English thesaurus in order to do so.

Similarly, to say that nostalgia is an important drug in our quest to ride out the pain of living with some dignity – or at least so we don’t painfully lose control of our bowels as a result of a violent combination of anguish and increasingly unhealthy depression-based cuisines on the hour every hour – is redundant.

Yes, we’re all in pain. Yes, 2020 isn’t even halfway over. But we are clearly not going to exorcise ourselves of our pain by talking.

So, goddamn it, why don’t we sing?

If there’s one opus we all know, no matter our creed or our willingness to know it, it’s the Sophie B. Hawkins opus. And the 90s virtuoso herself is virtually dropping by to lead us in our cathartic moaning.

Join GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins for an acoustic solo set, livestreamed straight to your living room. Hawkins is known for her critical and commercial success and a string of single hits including “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover”, “Right Beside You”, and “As I Lay Me Down”.

It’s already in your head, isn’t it?

Awful isn’t it?

But remember, every moment that nineties siren of mediocrity reverberates around your skull is a moment the horrors of reality do not.



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