Drink From the Water of the Womb with The Dropkick Murphys feat. Bruce Springsteen

There will always be a disparity between generations in much the same way that there will always be a disparity between Fuji and Modi apples.

They’ve shared much of the same experiences and are of similar inherent value to those who seek to both harvest them for profit and consume their flesh for sustenance. But when one’s name comes to be associated with a volatile but valuable agent of destruction and the other’s name comes to be associated with a genocidal religious zealot, they’re going to experience some powerful mutations of identity.

We are not quite sure whether this time period will reveal the commonalities or etch deeper the divide between the older and the younger generations. However, one thing of which we are positive is that at this particular point in time, faux nostalgia has never been cooler and actual nostalgia is more readily available than street heroin (no contact delivery is something yet to be finessed by the hard drug trade community).

So settle down and get ready to relate to the people you refer to as ‘family’ for legal reasons with The Dropkick Murphys feat. Bruce Springsteen.

Yes, The Dropkick Murphys will be performing from an empty Fenway Park, with pal Bruce Springsteen joining them remotely in a livestreamed performance. The band and The Boss will be doing a double play — two songs — one from each musical act. The livestream will be available on The Dropkick Murphy’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch page.

Hipster credit for the kids, a tint of rose for the genarians, and a goddamn moment of peace for the people in between.



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