Dragon Dreaming: Or Is He Just High On His Own Bullsh-t?

It begins with a rotating picture of contemporary art.

Wait..it gets worse.

There’s people getting temporary tattoos, wearing fedoras in the Australian sun, old men clutching their chests whilst singing before a too-young enraptured audience also clutching their chests, there’s white people playing the bongos and beating drums with sticks, people in blindfolds doing yoga in an attempt to feel their chakras…all set to a horrifying dubstep beat.

…And, kids, that just the promo ad.

There’s also a lot of hugging, dancing around in a circle, spinning records with racially incongruent dreadlocks, people in robot costumes, others colouring their hair and thinking that makes them a worthwhile human being…

It’s all there.

A melange of how freedom in an inherently oppressed world can go all wrong.

Also Paul Kelly.



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