Dr Faustus Lights the Lights; Theatre Students Bask In Them

Ever tried double distilled vodka and wondered how it would taste in the form of contemporary theatre?

Read on.

“Gertrude Stein, one of the giants of modernist formalism, takes the Faust myth for what could be seen as an eco-feminist spin: selling your soul for electric light.

This production, DFLTLX, asks how we might think about that now, in terms of the pact we have each made with technology, and explores the impact of her brilliant, sparkling text in performance.”

Ahh, there’s nothing like taking the work of a ‘modernist formalis(t)’ and citing their ‘eco-feminist’ approach as directly influential on the creation of a narrative revision of said formalist’s work that explores the impact of the artist’s canon.

It’s just so apt.

So entirely without contradiction.

…If we type sarcastically for one moment longer we’ll develop carpal tunnel.

But we’ll say what we’ve said about contemporary art a thousand times: it wouldn’t be contemporary art without irony.

Speaking of, we’re sure that utilising the pop-culture permeation of Stein’s name, especially in the current sociopolitical climate, has nothing┬áto do with selling false intellectual cachet in exchange for…well…not the potential audience member’s soul, per se, but certainly $25 bucks and their dignity.

Damn it to hell!

Here comes the carpal tunnel.



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