La Traviata; vedi traduttore automatico.

Within the infamously tortured and bloody opus of Italian Opera, there exists a work in which you can (comparatively) safely keep your peckers up. If ever there were a by-the-numbers tragic romance, it’s this perennially standard three act opera that, at its very core, vehemently resists a Bell Shakespeare-style contemporary revision. This is one opera wherein your garish gowns, cummerbunds and wildly unnecessary opera glasses informed by fragmentary impressions of Frasier will not be considered out of place.

La Traviata returns (again) for the 3 hours of coquettish Parisian tuberculosis you have been waiting for since that BBC documentary made you feel uncultured.

Sung in Italian with English subtitles.

Two intervals included.

Consumption of hard liquors is encouraged.

The manner in which they are served is more suited to silk evening gloves.

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