Diversify Your Repertoire with Tomorrowland Around the World

For quite a substantial amount of time now, the understood mindset of the majority of mid-20s to middle-aged adults in relatively comfortable positions in first world countries has been something akin to ‘the world is on fire’.

Given that this country actually started off 2020 on fire, the phraseology is understandable as is the enduring affected cynicism with which the world is being perceived, given the successive catastrophes with which we’ve all had to deal since January.

But the attitude has exhausted its welcome. One is no longer able to voice a phrase like ‘the world is on fire’ in conversation and be met with vociferous agreement. The most you’ll get is a general grunt because being depressed at the state of the world is no longer an indication of fresh insight.

Optimism is making a comeback. It’s the tufted-tailed pink unicorn coming up on the side of the dark horse we’ve been riding since the nineties. But it can be a difficult thing to mount. Especially for the children who missed the blind idealism of the 50s, the loved-up 60s and 70s and the coked-up 80s and were spoon-fed society’s exhaustion with itself from birth.

It’s impossible to entirely rid yourself of your nonjoiner instincts, but it’s possible to refocus your disdain towards smaller things, so at least there’s a little variety in your ‘everything is s**t’ conversational soup.

Direct your focus towards Tomorrowland Around the World.

Tomorrowland is the world’s biggest dance music festival, bringing an A-list lineup of DJs from across the dance music spectrum to Belgium each summer. That means whether you’re into EDM, house, techno, hardstyle, or all of the above, you’ll be surrounded by only the best. This year, the festival is going digital, providing 3D imaging from within its website, along with the fireworks and laser shows that have become trademark of the festival, no VR goggles required. Katy Perry will be hosting this year’s festival along with talents such as Adam Beyer, Afrojack, ANNA, David Guetta, Gryffin, Martin Garrix, San Holo, Steve Aoki and TiĆ«sto.

You’ll never be able to grasp the concept of genuine optimism. You do not speak the language nor do you know its accompanying gestures.

But you can at least accept the obsolescence of your unchangeable attitude with aplomb and move aside for the new, peppy generation with a gamut of conversational topics that go beyond international politics, still-present nuclear proliferation and environmental concerns to a deeper level in which a lime green Katy Perry resides, dancing through the fire.



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