DECAPITATE! Then Sleepy Bye Byes. Welcome To The Direct Underground Fest.

There have been many things said about extreme death metal.

The kindest being untranslatable into comprehensible English.

However, if you like your spleen bleeding through your ears and your anus somewhere behind your eyeballs, then the Direct Underground Fest is for you.

2019 will see the return of this mini-festival, after last year’s thrilling success, bringing together again some of the best and darkest bands in the heavy music realm.

Soundworks Direct have created a lineup that aims to appease anyone that digests the extreme metal form! Featuring: Immolation, Abramelin, Christ Dismembered and Reaper.

The devil may be making an appearance (Beethoven’s washing his hair that night again), though the unavailability of antacids in hell may delay his appearance by a few minutes.

On a positive note, the festival ends at a reasonable time: 11.30pm.

It’s just a spot of rape, mutilation and exploded organs after tea.

After all, Subway opens at 7am, and these hardcore metalheads have to make sure the two week old lettuce looks nice and springy for the customers or it’s their ass.

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