Darlings! Possums! Barry Humphries is Home to Reveal the Man Behind the Mask

In an era wherein the greatest talents of previous generations are fully appreciating the gravity of their pasts, you can be assured that this particular talent’s past will tug at your intellectual heartstrings rather than your gag reflex. This icon of home-grown comedy brings a delightful and sanity-inducing parry to the shitstorm of horrifying revelations about our childhood cultural icons.

In the words of the man himself, “This is a show in which I am the principal character; it’s not Les, it’s not Edna, it’s not Sandy Stone. It is really about this character called ‘me’. I’m not in disguise. […] It is the story of my generation, it is a story of a life spent in the theatre and a life spent in comedy, and it will show what it is like to be a clown. In a way, this is perhaps the bravest thing I’ve ever done and I hope the most entertaining. I think people might be agreeably shocked and they certainly will learn much they didn’t know.”

Get ready to feel hope again. This is one unmasking that heralds not lawsuits, but wonderfully honest and creative realisations about a personality from a generation we don’t always have to despise.

You cannot help but love Mr Humphries.

And you will never have to feel conflicted about it.

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