Cultivate a Buzz at Brewers Feast

2020 is a year of growth.

Not financial, personal, political, intellectual or moral growth. The growth of insidious forms of oppression, endemic disenfranchisement, bat-born contagions and preteen depression.

In times such as these it seems pertinent to engage in a little counter production.

We should take this opportunity to actively cultivate a different kind of growth to assuage the psychological torrent of fear, anger and sadness that these puss-filled growths inspire.

A growth of yeast.

Enter: Brewers Feast.

Yes, Melbourne’s boutique craft beer festival IS BACK for 2020! Set in the picturesque gardens of the Abbotsford Convent, Brewers Feast will be bringing together some of Australia’s top notch brewers over two jam packed days.

This event has something for everyone, whisky, gin, cider, cocktails, wine and non-alcoholic drinks, plus plenty of food trucks, back to back live performances from local artists and a beer lovers fantasy line up of 100% independent craft beers.

It’s 2020 and we may be exhausted, depressed and trapped inside a flabby decaying body with heavy arms and internal systems that are wholly defunct or heavily diseased, but when has that ever prevented someone from finding comfort in copious quantities of alcohol?

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