Cosmonauts at Monkey Magic! (Not The Monkey That Died On Impact With The Atmosphere)

It’s the time of the season.

Yes, we’re bringing you a dead remnant of times long gone.

Though it’s not The Zombies from the sixties.

It’s more of a pick n mix of corpses.

Consider yourself a festive grave robber.

But not just any grave robber.

A grave robber in space.

Yes, Cosmonauts is back with the best of progressive and house music DJs at Monkey Magic.

Dance the night away with sounds that have been grabbed from every genre, mixed together, and then pumped incoherently through a synth.

Agustin Marseillan and Federico Puentes will be your hosts inviting you to the outer space where Steve Marx and Andy EF will be completing the journey through the galaxy.

So, grab your shovels, kids!

You’ll need a shovel to beat yourself in the head enough times to enable you to enjoy progressive house music.

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