Comfort is Pain at Land of Plenty

We live in a land of plenty.

That is to say, a First World country.

And ‘we’ refers to the middle-to-upper class. Although since we’re plugging a music festival, that qualifier isn’t really necessary.

Though there are undoubtedly a myriad of positives about occupying such a space within a world rife with pain and deprivation, the resources and relative freedom to do as we please has resulted in the seemingly unstoppable proliferation of aggressively mediocre indie pop.

Without a genuine undercurrent of pain or hardship, it’s not difficult to understand why we now live in a world with five hundred versions of the same ukulele-wielding sprechstimming band.

Come see at least ten of them at the Land of Plenty festival!

Land of Plenty is a destination festival bringing some of Australia’s hottest and upcoming artists to Shepparton for a day of live music! The festival will display a variety of music, experiences, art as well as local food and drink.

Land of Plenty has something for everyone and encourages fans and music lovers of all ages to attend. Having already announced Illy, Briggs, Tones and I, Slowly Slowly and a heap of other stand-out acts, Land of Plenty has added Ocean Alley, Alex Hayes, masked mystery dance act Moji, ‘Pick of the Crop’ winner Charlie McCosh, and plenty of other acts to get excited about.

The festival will also play host to a range of amazing carnival rides, food trucks, market stalls, art displays and multiple bars.

So, come, forget all your worries in the only way you know how.

By forgetting you have none.

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