Clipped Music Video Festival; Postscript: We Apologise For The Reference In The Last Line

With the rising death toll of music legends, the prevalence of 6 second shock-value butt-based iPhone-shot videos and whatever atrocity U2 is planning next, whether for good or bad, never has there been a more appropriate time than the 21st Century to listen with your eyes, not your ears.

Enter the CLIPPED Music Video Festival.

This years event will feature a curated and interactive music video exhibition, new awards format, screenings, Australian premieres, panels, industry talks, and masterclasses with international guest speakers.

Attending this industry-based festival will be like dissecting a plastic frog.

On the surface it seems as though there might be inherent value in delving beneath the surface until you realise there’s absolutely nothing there except the mild scent of the toxic plasticizers vital to keeping the products of the whole industry sellable.

Award-winning artist Spectator Jonze will be creating a live art piece throughout the day and Sydney based odyssey Nikkita Ra, newcomers Lorelei and alternative R&B artist A.Girl will provide the tunes, alongside CLIPPED VJs.

It will take place on the final day of Sydney Vivid.

Which makes sense.

What better way to mark the deadening of societal illumination than a festival whose focus’ biggest most recent achievement featured Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and a senile 1940s candystriper’s first attempt at Photoshop?

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