Cher In The Moment

Yes, Cher in the moment.


That’s that play on words out of the way.

We’re all ashamed. But at least it’s over.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Cher’s tour managers.

Yes, she is back with another tour. Apparently Death saw fit to claim Conway Savage before this pop princess. We’re not judging him. It was a wise choice. Given the chance, we’d certainly do the same.

Her previous tour, entitled: Living Proof – The Farewell Tour is proof that at least, in the realm of tour names, Frankenstein-ian revival is possible. So. You know. There’s still hope for Savage’s return. In the…realm of possibilities.

But, we, of course, digress.

Yes, this time Cher’s tour is entitled: Here We Go Again. It seems at the very least impolite to have to drag all of us into her mad scramble to stave off irrelevance and the inevitability of death, but she’s never been one for shying away from assaulting large arenas and a 5km radius around said arenas with her vocals.

This tour will feature her greatest assaults (some not of her own) including, but not limited to  Woman’s World“, “Strong Enough“, “Gayatri Mantra“, “All Or Nothing“, “The Beat Goes On“, “I Got You Babe“, “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves“, “Dark Lady“, “Half Breed“, “Welcome to Burlesque”, “Waterloo“, “SOS“, “Fernando“, “After All“, “Walking In Memphis“, “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)“, “I Found Someone” and “If I Could Turn Back Time“.

So, kids, if you’re yearning to see a 72 year old woman in revealing leather singing ABBA and your drunk aunt isn’t doing it for you anymore, better get your tickets now.!-Tour-2018-Sydney/97b779e0-57d3-11e8-93ea-bfdb9889e3bf

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