Cheers Fest feat. Craft Beers and Morons

We all like a tipple at Christmas.

But this isn’t Christmas yet. It’s bloody hot. So let’s just get tanked.

Yes, the very best of craft beers, cider, food and entertainment will be heading to the Cutaway on the 3rd of November.

We’re told “Each of these breweries tells a story through their creative beer-crafting talents and together they present us with a vast array of different styles of craft beer to share and enjoy“.

Let’s do away with pretence.

You’re getting drunk in an alleyway.

Your quiffed hair and 300 dollar jeans that don’t actively shield your legs won’t help you.

So, drink, eat, and for the love of sanity, don’t mention the delightful fruitiness of the thing your drinking to kill your insecurities.

Of course you’re insecure.

Otherwise why would you be calling an intoxicant not directly milked from pears or David Walliams ‘fruity’?

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