Channels Festival: International Biennial of Video Art (From An Era When Remotes Were Still In Wide Use)

Ingmar Bergman said “no art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls”, and the world collectively sighed in appreciation for the medium.

Then Youtube snuck in the back, switched on the microphone it had brought in itself and announced “Me at the zoo” and the world screamed and skewered its collective brain on a rusty metal dildo.

Consider this festival a form of palliative care for the near-brain dead victim of which we form a part whose only animated moments are as a result of night terrors featuring Logan Paul.

The 2019 Channels Festival highlights Australian and international artists working across video and performance. Participating artists have been invited to develop and present works that examine how social, cultural and technological structures impact collective and individual visibility and agency, and how the contradictory impulses of resistance and desire function to affect positive disruption.

The festival, curated by Kelli Alred, will present artworks that blur fact with fiction and deconstruct notions of belonging, complicity and resistance to challenge our understanding of difference, connectivity, power and place, and feature a diverse and inclusive program of group and solo exhibitions, new commissions, artist residencies, screenings, performances, talks and discussions.

We may be strapped down, drooling and yearning for death, but if there’s one thought that can’t be dislodged from the mush we call our minds it’s that…it’s that…uhh…

Live Instagramming a foundling festival is a killer way to attract followers.

Live Instagramming a foundling festival is a killer way to attract followers.

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