Centre Yourself At Home With Blue October

What constitutes a functioning personality is impossible to pinpoint. It’s different for most people. For some it’s a carefully honed talent, for others it’s pure contrarianism, for others it’s hats and for yet others, it’s an aggressive disdain for hats.

But there’s one thing we all share as a species, and that’s the fact that we’ve spent a long time crafting our personalities over however long we have lived and it’s a tapestry of shame, dead idols, map coordinates and seeing a parent naked.

In times of extended isolation wherein there is no one new to impress with a carefully timed look, muttered profanity, or hat, it can be difficult to maintain that personality you worked so hard to craft.

But it’s important to keep up that perfect mix of disaffected, affected and arsehole because there will be a world full of people again and you don’t want to enter back into it not knowing how to feel superior to them.

Luckily, as a result of the internet, there’s a steady stream of stimuli accessible to those who seek it that will allow you to remember exactly who you are. An example of which is At Home With Blue October: Foiled.

Yes, the eclectic, creatively restless American alt rock band from Houston, Texas, Blue October, will be hosting a live at-home performance of their album ‘Foiled’, a moody atmospheric exploration of mental anguish. They will be interacting with fans in this intimate and unique set.

These are tough times for everyone.

But just remember, you are who you are.

And that is better than everyone because of your very specific taste in alt rock.



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