CéLaVi: Urban & Tropical Vibes with a French Twist! (No Compote Involved)

C’est la vie!

Such is life is the loose translation.

And what is life without the hottest rap Français, U.S hip hop, French Afro Beats, Dancehall & Soca and R&B bangers pumped through a top sound system and the finest music selection featuring DJs Alex Squat, Dennis Kimani and Nick Toth?

Well, we’ll tell you.

Life is bearable without the assault of french rap, US hip hop and some guy that thought ‘squat’ would be a favourable second name.

But who wants to survive life when suicide via horrifyingly assaultive club music is on the menu?

Come to Bondi’s ‘The Junction’ for a rave with a French leant.

Because if there’s one thing that everyone knows, it’s that the French have really got their rock music down.



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