Byron Bay Writers’ Festival: Satisfying A Hunger No Amount of Cookies or Cocaine Can Sate

Hungry for something that cannot be delivered by a sweaty underpaid UberEats driver with a penchant for pissing on a wide array of cuisines?

Here it is, folks.

A week-long stellar line up of 140 literary visionaries, 121 panels and conversations taking place across six stages to stimulate your intellectual appetite.

…you know…so you have less of a chance of winding up with over-consumption-induced Byron Bay prawn reflux.

That’s right, we Australians consume prawns, not shrimp. And if there’s any event in Australia that emphasises epistemic cultural truth beyond Paul Hogan, it’s the Byron Writers’ Festival.

2019 will see hawkers of the written word (or more accurately their written word) traversing the loftiest realms of consciousness.

And that’s just at the Elements of Byron Bay Resort’s ‘fresh’ oyster bar.

Refill that demitasse of over-regurgitated bilious self-promotion with fresh perspective and sip on music, whales, romance and happiness tapped from the seasoned font of marginally more successful writers.

Who knows?

You might be able to come away with the ability to distil your life into a decent three-page short story and as many complimentary hotel amenities you can cram into any available orifice.

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