Buy Buy Buy with Hideous Sun Demon

Self hatred has always been a staple of humanity, but it’s only been in recent decades that the prostitution of it has been perfected.

There exists a whole host of products you can buy in order to express to the world and to yourself that the thing you most despise is your own existence. The more indicative of self-hatred the product, the higher the mark up. It’s a brilliant system that relies upon possibly the one indispensable thing about humanity, and the one thing that, when the economy tanks, only increases in quantity.

We’re not ones to fight against the tidal wave of consumerism. Because we’re trash people covered in trash that we buy in order to let everyone know that we’re trash. And speaking of self-hating trash, psych punk band Hideous Sun Demon is putting on a live performance.

This is gonna be hot as shit. Hot as hell, even. If you miss it, you will be missing history. You won’t be able to truthfully say “I was at the show psych punkers Hideous did when they came through to promote their Development Hell EP”. You don’t wanna be a liar do you? Or Some cowardly scumbag who misses out on cool gigs and has a weird odour?

You got the look, you got the feel, now have that sick self-destructive disdain blasted back to you via massive speakers in a sweaty club for the low low price of $17.

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