Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 08/07/2018

Suit up in your fluffiest onesies, Brisbane. It’s time to go Vampire huntin’. No duh.


10) Arctic Pop Up Bar

1st-31st July

A simulated Arctic is popping up in an enchantingly herpetic pattern all over the surface of Custom’s House. It’ll likely not be the only simulated Arctic we’ll see in our lifetime, but it may be the last with a full bar.


9) Vegan Feast Fundraiser

8th July

Two tofu clumps with one stone.


8) Suitcase Rummage

15th July

Dump your junk. Invest in the future. Your future. Your future junk.



10th July

Hey, kid! Your collar’s a little askew. Let us…adjust it for you. Ah, that’s better. You’re ready for the show. Warning: the first few performers might get wet. Your jugular’s quite the squirter.


6) Winter Onesie Party

13th July

Ah. Shame. What ever happened to it? Well, if it just isn’t going to jerk back to life, we might as well dance gloatingly on its grave. Wear a onesie. In public. At least you and everyone their will be drunk.


5) 80s Cult Classics Dendy

10th July-27th Aug

It’s a depressing present. What better time than to stick your finger to time itself and sink back into the glorious oblivion of the eighties.



8th-15th July

NAIDOC week is back. Time to pull your head out and stand up straight. And…maybe wash your hair. A full week of events; a full week to shake clean the etch-a-sketch of your conscience.


3) Colombian Street Festival

14th July

Wooaah. Slow down, there, hotshot. There’ll definitely be sniffer dogs at this one.


2) Kimbra

16th July

The “Sticky-sweet” pop star is squelching her way back to the Brisbane stage. Stickier and sweeter than ever. Full dental and a thing of pepto-bismal included in the price of the ticket.


1) P!NK – The Beautiful Trauma

10th July-29th Aug

The title says it all, kids. One hell of a pyrotechnical stunt spectacle to compensate for other possibly…lacking elements.

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