Brisbane Street Art Festival (Apparently They’re Commissioning Now)

The street art festival returns to Brisbane bigger and better with over 60 artworks being created by some of the most exciting street art practitioners from around the world.

A form of protest propelled into the realm of high society via paradoxical iconoclasm, dominated in equal measure by the disenfranchised and the fast-food franchise and their ever-shifting power-play, and made irritating to the relatively disassociated middle class by the prolific presence of penises?

Huh. This is art.

Anyone who says otherwise should go visit Duchamp’s Fountain…and maybe give it a lick.

Collaborative work with both BSAF and the Queensland Poetry Festival will also be produced, where emerging local poets will be writing their words on a Temporary Wall in a blending of poetry and public art.

The festival’s 2-week program will also include live mural art, music, theatre, numerous exhibitions, creative master classes and workshops.

Anyone caught defacing public, private or commissioned property will face the full extent of the law.

Well, it wouldn’t be art without irony.

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