Brisbane Culture and Revelry Weekly Top 10 17/06/18

This week’s a moral journey. So clutch your hard-earned shrivelled little rock of a heart. This won’t be easy. It’ll be a blast.


10) World Down Syndrome Day Community Markets

17th June

This your chance to give a damn. And, you know, there’s ice-cream. The World Down Syndrome Day is your expiation of guilt. So, instead of going to church this week, get proof that you went to these markets. It should compensate for a fair few moral hiccups. Friday night is coming up.


9) Yoga Day Festival

24th June

Disappear into yourself. Literally. Some of the poses do require certain limbs inside certain holes.  Just do it. It’ll make you a more healthy person. Or a better person. Breaking a limb does usually tend to sober you up for a couple of weeks at least.


8) Ask The Author Morning Tea: William Paul Young

22nd June

Face god. A god. Of sorts. He did create a world and is exploiting the fact by making crap tons of money off it. William Paul Young, author of The Shack, will be gracing the BCEC with his grace. Yeah…biblical references do tend to contain a lot of repetition concerning grace and purity and hellish damnation, et cetera.


7) D O C S O C I A L

20th June

Take part in a singular shared moment. Well, earth hour was a complete f-up. You didn’t even notice this year, did you? Oh well. “Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) has teamed up with EVENT Cinemas to bring you D O C S O C I A L – showcasing the very best social impact documentary films.” Here’s an event concerning social change that might actually have a positive impact. Most likely because they sell candy and beer right outside.


6) Skating At Festival

22nd June-15th July

Pop down to the pop-up and pop out your kneecap.  To fight winter with winter, Skating At is a festival of food, drinks, entertainment and, of course a pop-up ice rink. It’s an incredibly cliched date night by now, but, if you have the skills and play it just right, it is a blameless way to display your absolutely superiority over your date.


5) Flavours of Portside

24th June

This is one that’s truly for everyone in the family. Gather the gang and go on down to Portside Wharf. Then, like every loving family, splinter. Splinter like wood in a chipper. You came together. You’ll leave together. That’s sufficient. There’s live entertainment, pop-up food stalls, a kids zone and a cocktail garden. Like we said. This one is for every one.


4) Good Swap

24th June

Closet crammed full of ghosts? Can’t stand to look at the jacket that reminds you of that night in Slovenia or that trench coat you stole off a sleeping homeless person when you realised you were somehow not wearing pants? Exorcise your closet with Good Swap. Bring $10 and your sack full of horrors. Sort, dump and rummage through the sea of clothing until you’ve refilled your sack with a bunch of charming and stylish clean slates.


3) West End Film Festival

23rd June

No, you will not have to even hear the phrase ‘Mamma Mia’. We would never do that to you…twice. This is not the West End of London fame, it’s the West End of Brisbane relative obscurity. An Australian short film competition held in one of Brisbane’s most vibrant communities, WEFF features the kind of experimental film one can only find if one taps the font of an eclectic but ultimately well-off inner city suburb. There are skeletons in these well-designed closets. Weird ones.


2) The Finders Keepers Markets

22nd-24th June

Hey, it was legal doctrine when you were five. The Finders Keepers market is a design market that features the work of independent makers and designers from across Australia. Just to clarify, if it’s on a table with a little sticker, you cannot simply claim it. That also goes for pocket-dwelling wallets and culturally-specific slang.


1) Queensland Museum Blackout

22nd June

It’s about damn time for this first time. Queensland Museum is hosting its first over 18s after hours celebration of Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders culture. “Featuring talented young artists from Digi Youth Arts and the Museum’s unsettle program, immerse yourself and be inspired by panel discussions, poetry, weaving, live music, roving performances, visual art and short films.” Get woke. Get credit. In the night. With booze. What more could you ask for?

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