Brisbane Culture and Revelry Weekly Top 10 01/07/18

Cancel your appointments, Brisbane. This week, you’re all tied up. And you’ll have the bitemarks to prove it.


10) Bands in Parks: Movie Mania

7th July

A perfect night out with the family in which you won’t have to look at or speak to them. Like we said. Perfect.


9) I Imagine You With a Smoke and a Whisky – A Solo Exhibition

7th July

Contemporary art. What a tiresome affair. We could really use a smoke and a whisky. Luckily for you, this exhibition provides…though not in the traditional sense. It is a gallery, however, so there will be lighter fare on offer.


8) Christmas in July at Wolston Farmhouse

7th July

Ah, Christmas. No longer does it mean sweating through your underwear and nixing the barbecue for side-walk roasted chicken. Though it does mean spending the day attempting to justify spending over an hour in the mind-numbingly boring echoing emptiness of a farm.


7) Thank F@#k It’s Friday

6th July

We’ll show you the way to the next whisky bar.’s-Friday/beabdb40-7b64-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


6) MUSTARD. Launch Party

5th July

Come on, kid. Time get out there. Put a little mustard on that hotdog. Ugh. That didn’t feel right.


5) Pirate Party Annual National Congress 

7th July

Aye, we’re not usually ones for political partisanship, but with the way the winds are blowing these days, it does seem high time we should batten down the hatches, no?


4) Late Night Riot

7th July

Clench your buttocks, Brisbane. You’ll have to sweat for your Smirnoff. And it won’t be as a result of a fried cheese eating contest.


3) Bad Girl Tashy

1st July

You’ve been bad. But she’s been far far worse. And she’s here to teach you a thing or two, grasshopper.


2) Wham! Bam! Cabaret Slam!

3rd July

Marshal your most deeply buried Minellic tendencies, beautiful. 10 artists. 10 minutes each. The stage is open. The bar is open. The legs are open. My, my, 10 times in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Any one got any orange slices? Gatorade?!-Bam!-Cabaret-Slam!/5489ce20-7b69-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


1) Rope Bite

3rd July

Speaking of…ever been in scouts, kid? Bet you’ve never used a rope like this. They’ll show you the…you know.

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