Brisbane Culture and Revelry Top 10 Weekly 27/05/18

From selling your instrument to selling your soul, satan’s been making quite an impression on Brisbane. He’ll even be appearing a couple of times on the big screen, and be sure to sample some of his very own food cake. This week, oncomau is your humble captain wishing you smooth sailing across the river Styx.


10) Sell Your Soul Sunday

It’s a hell of a start, isn’t it? Enter Netherworld wherein, in exchange for your mortal soul, you will receive a bunch of cheery tokens. The DJ will be playing Soul vinyl all evening. Perhaps they’re trying to save on their power bill by tapping more…natural sources.


9) Ensemble Q

Engage the depths of your mind-ear and sit in awe before the auditory vision of Stravinksy and Brahms on the most devilishly passionate seesaw you’ve ever seen. That folkish melancholic creak of the needle springs is just what you’re listening for.


8) Anywhere Theatre Festival

Ever had that nightmare where you’re walking down the street and suddenly you’re assaulted by a gang of soliloquising harlequins? Well, dream no more! Comedy in alleys, drama in backyards, cabaret on buses, walking tours with historical figures and much more. Nowhere is safe. Nowhere.


7) Carmen & The Firebird 

Feel a double dose of high culture pirouette through your veins with a double bill of Carmen & The Firebird distilled purely into dance; a language that thankfully no linguist and no culture can claim to fully understand.


6. Madman Anime Festival

Spread those eyes wide, baby, and keep them open because the Madman Anime Festival is coming and you better have at least two permanent sparkles in both of your eyeballs. Bringing all things anime and Japanese culture to Brisbane.


5) X-Files The Musical

The title says it all. But if you really need more, here’s the description “Featuring all your favourite X-Files characters, this musical is literally out of this world. When Mulder and Scully happen upon a half-human, half-animal hybrid in the forest, Mulder is convinced it is his long-lost sister.” Yeah. You bought the tickets while we were talking, didn’t you?


4)  Sweet As Brisbane Dessert Festival

The world is facing a crisis; the world is dually dying of starvation and of obesity. It’s a crisis of extremes and one which we fear can only be resolved by letting the crisis play out until its natural conclusion: complete annihilation. Now let’s forget our troubles with a big bowl of strawberry ice-cream! Brisbane’s very own festival dedicated to all things sweet (with savoury options) is launching! There will be brownies, cheese, chocolate, coffee, cupcakes, doughnuts, gelatos, ice-creams, macarons, marsh mallows, meringues, popsicles, sorbets, waffles and more from an awesome line-up of Brisbane’s best dessert makers!


3) Japanese Film Festival

It’s the 21st anniversary of the Japanese Film Festival, and it’s descending upon Brisbane with a line up of a vast variety of cinematic delights from 35mm film classics to newly released titles currently screening in Japan. Aliens, motorbikes, music boxes and the soul of a samurai; what the hell are you waiting for?


2) MonsterFest Travelling Sideshow

Taste the monster. Go on, lick it. It won’t hurt you. A mix of horror-centric film delights to tantalise both the twisted, grossest most sadistic appetites and those who favour more slow-burning haunting fare.


1) Melt

Celebrate with pride, kids! Brisbane’s LGBTIQ+ voice will be ringing through the streets with Melt 2018’s festival of queer arts and culture. From tender and impassioned performances to strict and uncompromising hot pants, this is one experience not to be missed.

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