Brisbane Culture and Revelry Weekly Top 10 24/06/18

Starch your collar, Brisbane. This week it’s all blusiness. Business. Sorry we’ve..had a few.


10) Make Your Own Bouquet

30th June

Repress the desire to reflect on the child-annihilating pestilential inspiration behind the music of flowers and expunge your dirty dirty soul with a moment of purely innocent bouquet arranging. It’ll all be dead by the morn.


9) Holy Shiitake Pitch Night

26th June

You degenrate two-bit proprietors! This one’s for you! Got a dream to the tune of violently stuffing the surrounding sea of open maws? Well pitch your heart out. This is your chance.


8) Aquis Raceday

30th June

Two bits a gander. Your life-savings for a real good time.


7) Whitehouse Preloved Clothing & Handmade Market

24th June

Sentimentality. There is no greater sweet pain. Except maybe those old arcade warhead candies. Bring the family on down to the Market. Just follow that scent of decay and regret wafting through the air. Be careful, though. Don’t get confused. Your grandparents live on the other side of town.


6) Producers Lunch

28th June

Follow the wild canary to the most delicious, scenic rim job you will ever experience.


5) Queensland Parliament’s Chef’s Table

29th June

Cork your sanity, kids. This is one parliamentary experience not dedicated to crazed expulsion. Quite the opposite. Better thumb through the ol’ good book however. You’ll have to say grace for your supper. And that doesn’t include the monologue from Pulp Fiction.’s-Chef’s-Table/026c6620-76a5-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


4) Brouhaha Beer-gustation

28th June

To celebrate this slugger’s 2nd birthday, they’re conducting a battle royale…of beer and bloat. 4 beers, 4 courses, 2 chefs, 1 unsuspecting colon. They always go for the tenderest organs, don’t they?


3) Beenleigh & Jungle Keg Launch and Rum Tasting

28th June

What’ll they be spraying you with? RUM. So no one will believe your story. It’s really for the best. You probably won’t remember much of this night anyway.


2) Mid Winter Fest Tasmania – The Brisbane Edition

30th June

Melt those frosty fingers by the firelight whilst exorcising your aura of malevolent demons. Multi-tasking. It takes real talent.


1) Whisky Live

29th June

Over two blurry but cultured days Melbourne will host Whisky Live and Fine Spirits, a touring event that will, for the first time, be introducing other spirits including vodkas, gins, rums and cognacs. Never has there been a more elegant way to quiet your ailing conscience, salve your rampant shortcomings and justify your chronic problem than this event.

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