Brisbane Culture and Revelry Top 10 Weekly 03/06/18

Hilarious slapstick, eco-warriors, horrifying experimentation with the human-animal form and gin. A lot of gin. Oncomau presents the best of Brisbane’s fare. And winter has only just begun.


10) Brisbane City Council’s Green Heart Fair

3rd June

Salve your sick conscience in six hours! Cheaper than a narcotic blackout and more practical than crowd-funding a Men in Black mind wipe device, The Green Heart Fair  is Brisbane’s biggest free bi-annual community and sustainability festival. Featuring all day entertainment, workshops, celebrity chefs and free plants (the kind not generally suited to flames). Now you won’t have to buy that hybrid.


9) Stomp

3rd June

Call off your dogs.  Those wordless, sweaty people in tattered overalls habitually beating detritus, alight with manic energy, are only a direct threat to your auditory canals. Not your life. STOMP is back in Australia and they’re louder and more viscerally rewarding than ever. Set pace-makers to fun!


8) APIA Good Times Tour

1st June

Speaking of pace-makers, the beginning of Brisbane’s famed winter solstice sees the 2018 return of the APIA Good Times Tour – a unique combination of musical icons collectively attempting to stave off irrelevance for at least 2 hours.


7) Jet Get Re-Born

4th June

Yes. They’re back. They’re re-born and they’re encouraging you to bring your pre-8th gen iPods. This is one of the few times you can legitimately claim to experience nostalgia. Don’t miss out, kids.


6) We Will Rock You the Musical

2nd June-28th July

Queen was responsible for some of the greatest pieces of music ever composed. Ever had the hankering to see their opus’ incredible balance between literary concept and delicate vocals distilled into a greatest-hits-type run of the mill dystopian stage musical? Your wish has been granted.


5) National Gin Day

9th June

Is it that time of year again? Oh shucks, National Gin Day just sneaks up on you every time. Stave off the ennui with Henry featuring live music, bartender of the year Evan Gamkrelidze, Wild Wombat Gin, Boodles London Dry Gin, Brokers Gin and Malfy Gin.


4) Lano & Woodley’s FLY

5th-17th June

Following an amazing run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival The pride of Australian comedy have finally reunited and they haven’t lost any of their genius. The only regret we should feel is for the the 12 years we spent languishing in the pit of gap-toothed comedy substitutes. This is going to be one of those days.


3) Patricia Piccinini: Curious Affection Up Late

8th June

Ever gotten drunk surrounded by a collection of grotesque nigh-amorphous naked pink human animal hybrids? Okay, but how often could you count the experience as a legitimate moment of artistic high culture? Enjoy live music and drinks from cutting edge performers in the heart of GOMA during the Patricia Piccinini: Curious Affection exhibit.


2) Brian Jonestown Massacre

7th June

The sages of psychedelia are returning to Brisbane with Something Else. There’s not much to say. You are in for “one hell of a  f#@king trip”.


1) Launch of Very Fashionable Beer

4th June

Low proof, high fashion. It’s really best to let them do the talking for this one: “Revel Brewing Co, Bulimba’s independent craft brewery and The Good Beer Co, Australia’s social enterprise beer company, invite you to the exclusive launch of VFB – Very Fashionable Beer, for the Bulimba Fashion Festival“. A hell of a different milieu for Australia’s predominant bodily fluid.

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