Brisbane Culture and Revelry Weekly Top 10 10/06/18

Test your demonic capacity for gluttony, Brisbane. This week, there will be no reprieve.


10) Must. Dine. Langmeil.

14th June

It’s time to become a better person and face your weaknesses. Nothing pairs ‘functioning’ with the word ‘addict’ like the language of pretension. It’s back! Following huge success in 2016, The Charming Squire in collaboration with Langmeil Winery is hosting the third edition of Must. Dine. Langmeil. Become intimately acquainted with the fine wine making process and how to match your lifeblood with a hand-tailored five course menu.


9) Brisbane Chilli Festival

10th June

An excellent way to heat your wintry skin and line your stomach for the week ahead.Fun, food, live music, over 30 chilli produce stalls, chilli beer, chilli cocktails, donkeys rides, jumping castles, hot bodies, hot wings, chilli dogs and all things silly“. And it’s also an excellent way to test the capabilites of your plumbing.


8) Death Valley Sunday BBQ

17th June

Don’t be stingy, pack those arteries! Just try not to pay too much attention to the extraordinarily apt name of the event.


7) LoopdeLoop Animation Festival

12th June

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Regress into the animated world of childhood…with alcohol! We don’t really have to sell you on this one.


6) Shorncliff Food Truck Festival

15th June

Hey, Jennifer Slowpez! Get off the road! And walk into a static convergence of trucks…of sorts. Look, some guy named Randy probably explains it better. Relax in a field of gas-guzzling food boxes and gorge your every whim.


5) Brisbane’s Burger Invitational

16th-17th June

“Mr Burger, Ben’s Burgers, Salt Meats Cheese, Notorious E.A.T, Bearded Brothers and more will all descend on the Welcome to Bowen Hills lot for Brisbane’s first burger-themed cook-to-the-death”. …It’s like a battle royale with meats.’s-Burger-Invitational/70e95230-6ac9-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


4) Studio Ghibli Film Festival

14th June

An oasis in a gluttonous sea, the Elizabeth Picture Theatre is holding a festival dedicated to the lesser known works of the ingeniously lyrical Studio Ghibli. So lift your head from that trough for just a minute and take some time to digest what’s in front of you.


3) Stomping Ground Garage Party

10th June

And…we’re back with a more creative manner of gorging. Fortitude Valley is throwing a garage party dedicated to Stomping Grounds hipster-grade prowess for complex brews. Examples includeBoston Cream Donut Nitro Ale, Zoolander-inspired Orange Mocha Frappucino Nitro Cream Ale, and Passionfruit Sour.


2) Egyptian Mummies After Dark

15 June

For the classier amongst us, there’s always been a lingering desire to pretend you’re Ben Stiller in a real life museum after dark. For the rest, it’s been The Bangles. None of us have to feel ashamed of those feelings any more. And if you needed any more motivation, there will be an in-depth ‘exploration’ of Ancient Egyptian Beer Making.


1) Malt Teaser Whisky Festival

16th June

The mothers of Gin Sanity have brought their other child to the party. He’s less amenable to mingling with others, but, really, far better company when he’s by himself anyway. It’s whisky. Lots of whisky. Cheers, Brisbane.

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