Brisbane BrewIN: Stick Your Pinky Up And Swallow

Come join our tea party.

You will not be required to be of a particular race, though engaging in mild cultural appropriation is sacrosanct.

Come the end of June, the aromas of incongruously blended teas, herbs, spices and flowers will bathe Brisbane’s Wandering Cooks in an expensive mist – a mist that will seem less exciting when you note the complete lack of hallucinogens on offer.

BrewIN brings together a highly curated list of South East Qld’s tea specialists and practitioners to create a unique experience for you to learn, connect and enjoy the many faces that pure leaf tea has.

If the initial excitement of tasting new blends of individually fragrant teas, herbs, spices and flowers ends up being crushed by a resulting brew that somehow tastes like swamp dredge, join one of the specialists who will take you on a 25-minute single origin pure leaf tea tasting journey.

Learn more of the history of tea, how tea is made, different varieties and basic tips and knowledge for enjoying tea other than mixing it with substances you’ve had to smuggle inside an increasingly dull and pretentious festival via a small steel vessel wedged in a place that will soon begin to feel the after-effects of a tea-based piss-up.

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