Bright Distracting Lights at Swanky Array

Well it’s mid March and most major events are being killed off faster than the population of a damp nursing home full of Tom Hanks fans (who also have the virus).

Ruminating on the nature of mortality and the pettiness of middle class problems seems a lot less difficult now that so many noisy, colourful blinders have been removed.

Sure it seems like that. But you’re just not trying hard enough.

You’re not tapping the full potential of humanity’s one superpower. When the chips are down, concentrated pockets of denial can be found in the smallest of corners.

One such corner is Swanky Array.

Swanky Array centres on various mediums of art and music. Experience a very intimate showcase and mix ranging from live music, DJ sets, visual art, visual installations, film and photography.

Live music acts include Kamaliza, Micah Jey, Out on Bvle, Elkoomson, JAIM and Wytchings. Visual artists on display include Art By Emel, DVNA3 and IZZY. The featured filmmaker will be Aleese Musa with a visual installation from Dark Cinema.

It’s 2020.

Revelations about human mortality peaked in elegance in the 1800s and in second-hand smoke fumes in 1960s.

You’ve nothing better to say nor any new insights.

So shut up and dance.

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