Brady, Brady, Brady.

Speaking in public is one of the most widely shared crippling fears of otherwise functional humans.

Though since 2016 that may have changed.

Regardless, most of us would rather smoke a relaxing cigarette…in the path of a truck barreling down a road slick with gasoline than be faced with having to perform 2 hours of improv in front of a stadium-sized audience.

Get ready to feel more inadequate than you ever have, because this man, dubbed ‘The King of Improv’, has not only mastered wit itself, he has killed in broadway’s Hamilton, dominated one of the most popular television shows and has probably mastered some kind of obscure musical instrument only audible to bats and shamans.

Wayne Brady is undoubtedly cooler than you.

You don’t have do anything. Just sit in your tepid pool of shame.

You’ll be laughing (albeit perhaps unwillingingly) in no time.

Let’s make a date.

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