Boy George (DJ Set)…Oh Boy. This Will Be Interesting.

There’s a lovin’ in your eyes all the way.

That’s how he can tell you’ve consented.

He’s back again. And he has properly atoned.

But just in case you really want to hurt him, he’s barricading himself with a turntable and a couple of huge synths.

Yes, Boy George is here.

The Culture Club frontman & POP icon Boy George is (apparently) one of the most recognised and in demand House Music DJ’s of all time.

DJing in more than 70 countries around the world Boy George has headlined super-brands such as Godskitchen, Cream and Manumission.

Following on from 6 consecutive sold out Sydney shows, Rodd Richards Presents are now thrilled to announce this exclusive, first time national Australian DJ tour.

He’s a man with several convictions. Including the conviction that he can spin a sick beat.

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