Boy & Bear Have Reawakened (We’re Pretty Sure. It’s Hard To Tell.)

Feeling nothing in particular except maybe a vague craving for a locally sourced coffee bean?

Have we got the band for you.

Boy & Bear.

If you’re not really searching for anything, you’ve found it.

According to triple J (those harbingers of quality) “Boy & Bear first popped up in 2009 on triple j Unearthed…and three albums later, 5 ARIAs, a J Award for the Unearthed Artist Of The Year in 2010 and a Hottest 100 #5 for their cover of ‘Fall At Your Feet’ has confirmed them as one of the biggest Australian bands of the last decade.”

Now, after the most tumultuous period of their lives both personally and professionally, Boy & Bear are back with a world tour.

Boy & Bear will reintroduce themselves to Australian fans via a series of intimate shows before heading to North America in September and the UK and Europe in early 2020.

Prepare yourself.

They’ve experienced a period of tumult.

So don’t be shocked if they’ve added a fourth chord to the mix.

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