Bottoms Up, Weapons Up, You Basterds…Sorry…We Meant DEM Basterds feat. Beer Garden Cinema

You know us well enough now to know that, by gum, we’ll push anything with liquor and film.

And rampant abuse of blood squibs.

So when we say this is one you’ll not want to miss, you know we mean business.

Want proof?

This is how they’ve started the description:

“Once upon a time in a basterd occupied bar…Guests were invited to do three things, and three things only: eat, watch, kill. When you’re going to hell, it’s a good thing if the chef is a devil”.

and the clues they’ve given?

“A rogue pickle, smoking cigar, charades and Tarantino“.

Oh baby, you don’t even need to take our word for it.

Take theirs.

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