Bottomless Sunset Sessions Rooftop Party (We Accept No Liability For Jumpers)

Ahh, the sunset.

It’s at eight bloody pm now.

And we’re pretty sure if it had a bottom it would be soaked in sweat and exuding a painful amount of dry chicken.

Yes, Christmas is over for another year. It’s that glorious time in between familial emotional bribery and the emotional bribery of a romantic relationship (and terror at the insurmountable expectations of the new year).

Which means drinking around the clock is socially acceptable.

Enter the Bottomless Sunset Session Rooftop Party.

A party at the Emerson Rooftop Bar with a free-flowing selection of summer spritz, canapes and vibes.

We’re not ones for overt optimism, but this is one delightful way to contract the inevitable seasonal skin cancer.

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